๐Ÿ’ฃTrack Items

During a race, you will find piรฑatas scattered throughout the track. Players can randomly acquire a variety of fun items by crashing into them. They include items to attack other players, items to protect yourself from attacks, and items that can sabotage others' driving.

  • In addition to driving skills, the strategic use of track items can make or break the winners of the race.

  • You can hold up to 2 track items at any given time. You will not be able to obtain more after you reach this limit.

  • The acquired items can be used by pressing the Ctrl key.

  1. Hammer

  2. RocketGloves

  3. BowlingBall

  4. ChickenCoop

  5. FryingPan

  6. HPBox

  7. IceCube

  8. Snail

  9. Route66Coin

  10. Burning Pepper

  1. Sloth Rocket

  1. Lightning Cloud

  1. Snail Flapper

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