1. Silver

Silver is the default currency used in RRS.

  • You can use Silver to participate in various races and tournaments.

  • Silver also allows you to purchase different items, decorate lawnmowers, and refuel lawnmowers.

  • You can earn Silver by winning a race or tournament or through Race Pass or Sticker Book rewards.

  • If players run out of Silver, they can use Gold to purchase Silver in the Store.

  1. Gold

Gold is a rare currency that can be acquired as a special achievement or event reward.

It is used to purchase lawnmowers or items that cannot be purchased with Silver or to purchase rare decorative items.

  1. Race Tickets & Premium Points

Race Tickets are special items used to participate in Premium Races.

  • You can purchase them in the in-game shop or in the Star Garage. Race Tickets will have a discounted rate when you purchase them in the Star Garage.

  • Earn Premium Points by winning in Premium Races.

  • Use Premium Points to buy items in the Premium Shop or check out the Star Garage for more reward options.

  1. Store

Players can use Silver or Gold to buy various items in the store.

Players can also get free items through the Daily Spin.

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