Joining a club allows you to chat with fellow club members, exchange stickers and engage in various other club activities.

In the club menu, you can either apply to join a club of your choice or accept an invitation sent by a club master to become a member.

  • Once your club members collectively accumulate enough Club Points through various activities, your club advances to the next grade.

  • Club grades range from Grade 1 to Grade 25, with the maximum member capacity increasing at each subsequent grade.

  • More club-related features will be introduced in future updates. Clubs with higher grades will receive greater benefits.

  • Every club member is assigned an icon based on their club member grade (displayed only in the club or club chat)

  • Club members are granted permissions for privileges like approving memberships, sending invitations, and managing the board, based on their club member grade.

  • By clicking on the speech bubble icon floating at the top right corner, you can chat with your fellow club members.

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