RRS has a wide range of drivers to choose from. Each driver has their own unique appearance, characteristics, and skills. Based on the preferred racing style and the racetrack, players can strategically select from this pool of drivers.

  • Drivers are divided into 5 levels: rookie, junior, senior, pro, and master.

  • Each driver has a unique skill. This skill can be used during the race once the requirements are met in the race.

  • If the player loses in a race, the driver used will be lost. However, that driver can be acquired again as part of various content rewards or purchased with in-game currencies.

  1. Racer Emma

Emma generally takes up the role of team manager but, if she can't find a driver, she attends the race herself.

  1. Mac Watanabe

Watanabe might not be a talker, but he is one of the most genuine people around. He's a middle-aged man who is not the most effective at expressing emotions but he will never hide how much he loves hamburgers.

  1. Box Man

Boxman is a self-proclaimed reformer who is upset by the absurdity of the world. He is obsessed with teaching the world that everyone is missing out on something meaningful.

  1. Clown Man

His name, age, and origin all remain unknown. He likes explosives and loves to laugh. He dislikes serious vibes and winners. He tends to put on a lot of makeup. One thing for certain is that he's out of his mind.

  1. Aero Tomas

Tomas accidentally discovered that if he did something too embarrassing, he could create a tear in this dimension and open a portal because he desperately wants to hide. Does great power come with great shame?

  1. Banana Thief

Although the Banana Thief is known to be notorious, he is quite innocent. Despite his reserved style, he treats bananas with a sense of pureness. How could one like something so much?

  1. Mrs. Kim

Mrs. Kim is a slow-burning fire. The constant sour look on her face makes it hard to tell but when she is fired up, it's a tough task to stop her. It may feel like she's cursing under her breath but you're just imagining it.

  1. Super Jin

Jin, a Symbol of Justice, is always in high spirits. His confidence can be misconstrued as arrogance. But what can we say? He's a superhero.

  1. Racer Jacob

Jacob is a highly ambitious and energetic driver. He is one of the few "real" professional drivers. His sophisticated drift skills are known to be legendary.

  1. Chicken Baron

The Chicken Baron is a delusional person who walks around wearing a chicken mask. He thinks of himself as a baron and that everyone is beneath him.

  1. Sgt. Darryl

Officer Darryl is the world's trendiest police officer. He's drippin' with swag and has a better flow than any hip-hop artist. When he orders you to stop your vehicle during the race, you can't help but feel like you have to obey.

  1. Cookie Diego

Cookie Diego is actually a cookie wizard from the Cookie Kingdom. When Diego drops the meteor, it's no big deal to blast a lawn mower.

  1. Viking Rick

As a descendant of the proud Vikings, Rick has a large frame and sports a shaggy beard. Contradicting his appearance, he has a habit of pretending to be cute. However, his force is far from anything cute.

  1. Unicorn Lee

The World Champion of Sports Dance, Unicorn Lee's routine is so mesmerizing, that it causes people to hallucinate as if he was flying around on a unicorn. This time around, he's seeking victory in his hobby, the lawnmower race.

  1. Cody

The heir to a great fortune, Cody was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He loves to give back to the community by mentoring new drivers. The other racers have nicknamed him Coach Cody.

  1. Grendel

A gob with a dream, Grendel is the newest driver in the league. He has one goal: dethrone Wyatt and take the title of champion. Even though Grendelโ€™s ambition drives him, his inherent need for mischief creates conflict between him and the other drivers.

  1. Tessa

Tessa is a frequent user of the five-finger discount. She uses her talent for thievery on the track to steal items from other racers.

  1. Jazz

Jazz is torn between two passions in life: racing and pulling pranks. Can Jazz take his driving seriously enough to become the next Rumble Racing Star?

  1. Wyatt

A speed racer. King of the road. Jeff Gordon in lawnmower racers. Just some of Wyatt's many nicknames. Ordinary people think it's an honor just to drive with him, but will he do well in the league?

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