🌠Premium Race

Premium Race is a unique racing mode where you can show off your skills and receive special rewards. You can unlock Premium Race mode at level 8.

To participate in a Premium Race, you need to purchase a Race Ticket.

Race Tickets

Race Tickets are available at two locations: the in-game shop and the Star Garage.

  • In the in-game shop, you can purchase Race Tickets with your credit card.

  • Race Tickets can also be purchased in the Star Garage with USDC.

  • When you purchase Race Tickets in the Star Garage, you'll receive more tickets for the same price than you would in the in-game shop.

Once you purchase your Race Tickets, you can use them to pay for Premium Race participation fees.

Premium Races run on a seasonal basis. The first season will last for a two-week period. During this first season, all Premium Races will cost 5 Race Tickets.

Premium Points

The Basics

If you finish in first, second, or third place in a Premium Race, you can earn Premium Points.

The number of Premium Points you earn depends on two factors:

  1. Your rank at the end of the race.

  2. The number of Race Tickets collected as a participation fee for each race.

The number of Premium Points the top three drivers will receive is 80% of the number of Race Tickets. First place will receive 35% as Premium Points. Second place will receive 25%, and third place will receive 20%.

One Race Ticket is worth 10 Premium Points.

That means if 6 people enter a Premium Race, the game will collect a total of 30 Race Tickets. The total number of Premium Points for this race would be 300. But 240 points (80%) would be distributed to the top three players.

Given the example above, Premium Points would be distributed like this:

  • First Place: 105 Premium Points

  • Second Place: 75 Premium Points

  • Third Place: 60 Premium Points

How to Use Premium Points

Premium Points can be used in two locations:

  • Premium Shop

  • Star Garage

In the in-game Premium Shop, you can use your Premium Points to purchase Race Tickets or special in-game items. These items refresh at the start of each season.

In the Star Garage, you can choose to use your Premium Points to receive a USDC reward or participate in the season raffle.

For more information on how you can use your Premium Points in the Star Garage, please check the Leaderboard guide.

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