Players ride unique lawnmowers to race in Rumble Racing Star. There are dozens of lawnmowers with distinctive appearances, performances, and types. Specific lawnmowers can be strategically selected based on the track type, player preferences, and strategies for exciting gameplay.

  • Lawnmowers are divided into 3 grades: Normal, Rare, and Legend.

  • All lawnmowers have their own unique stats, each of which affects the lawnmowers' performance like below:

ACCELERATION: Reduces the time to reach top speed.

MAX SPEED: Increases the MAX value of the maximum speed.

HANDLING: Affects the angle at which the mower turns on curves.

POWER: Prevents loss of speed on hills, shoulders, and mud.

WEIGHT: The higher the weight, the higher the damage to other mowers.

DURABILITY: The higher the durability, the higher the mower's HP.

A certain amount of fuel is consumed each time a game is played, and lawnmowers running out of fuel cannot run. Fuel can be recharged by consuming silver.

  1. Unicope

  2. WildJeep

  3. I.Q.O.

  4. Roaaaar

  5. Barricade

  6. Fried

  7. RescueBoat

  8. Sweeter

  9. Blitz

  10. Sherman

  11. Carnage

  12. SugarRush

  13. Smoothie

  14. Mega Horn

  15. Furiosa

  16. DuckDuck

  17. Sparkling

  18. Chariot

  19. Stinger

  20. Outlaw

  21. Dominator

  22. Spartan

  23. Moby

  24. Phantom

  25. Axle

  26. Bolt

  27. Turbo

  28. Spike

  29. Rover

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