Race mode is the key mode of RRS that anyone can enjoy, where the winner is determined by a single game. Numerous players from around the world are matched in one game, and the winners are given opportunities to win various prizes including prize money.

  • Depending on the track, a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 players are matched in a game. The players can participate if they pay the participation fee, which varies by the track.

  • The total prize pool will be determined by the participation fee paid by the participants. Excluding a certain commission fee, the prize pool will be distributed to the 1st to 3rd place winners.

  • Information about each track can be checked before participating in a race, and players can select the drivers, lawnmowers, and performance kits strategically, depending on the track.

  • Other than the Basic Race Mode where silver can be acquired, there are the Premium and Event Race Modes, where other special currencies and items can be acquired.

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